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Welcome to Starlight in Love. Perhaps you are here by referral. Perhaps you are here by coincidence. No matter what the reason is, I hope you find what you are looking for.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.
— Rumi

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Feeling stuck in repeating patterns of relationships? Feeling stuck in intense emotions, anger, sadness or fear? Are you experiencing unexplainable physical symptoms?

Explore how Regression Hypnotherapy, Current/Past Life, Inner Child Healing and Crystal Healing can set you free by letting go of what no longer serves you


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Regression Therapy:

“Sonia is amazing. I didn’t know what to expect on my first session. My uncertainty immediately dissolved as she created a safe comfortable environment through her patience and gentle kindness. Sonia lead me with expert ability to a place that I had completely forgotten about and buried. with her impeccable presence and guidance I was able to recollect a very traumatic childhood experience and I was given given the time and space to resolve the pain as it resurfaced into conscious awareness. Sonia’s method is simple and safe and beautiful. And I highly recommend her extraordinary intuitive Assistance at any point on your healing path.” - Carrie Hall, USA

“Sonia is a loving, warm and skilled therapist. I experienced several insightful and healing sessions with her. What comes to mind are mostly her patience, her deep listening skills and her intuitive guidance. At times I found resistance within myself to a certain feeling or experience and Sonia was able to guide me through it in a compassionate way. And that is key! Because in these places where I resist what is alive there, the biggest healing is possible. Sonia facilitates this process naturally and that is what I am thankful for.” - R.J.

I was quite skeptical of regressions but also a bit I decided to give it a try. After almost 2 years I am still happy that I did it. It was an amazing journey that allowed me to understand and get to know myself better, being able to recognize some life patterns. It was the best beginning of a personal work. Sonia gives a calm feeling and the atmosphere is pretty relaxing. I always felt in good hands having Sonia as a guide and I got an incredible light and peaceful feeling after the session.”- C.L.

“It was an interesting journey to some past life memories which apparently hold some answers as to why we hold certain attributes in this one. Surely it opened a new perspective for me. Sonia has a gift of holding space, being present and giving guidance throughout the journey, but is equally attentive in the pre/post session details. It’s an experience worth having, a visit to one’s depths beyond what rational mind can accept perhaps. It reveals and brings you in touch with some unconscious aspects of self. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to explore my past life.” - G.D.

“I just want to share my positive symptoms. I have some opportunities to meet my friends again. Then, I have been noticing the I can trust myself! I am getting better now.” - A.H.

Crystal Relax & Realign:

“Sonia has wonderful warm energy. I feel totally relaxed and calm as if I had a good deep sleep!” -P

“Sonia is a very warm and lovely person, who treats her clients very professionelly. During the process of Crystal healing I had been feeling very comfortable and relaxed and enjoyed her wonderful meditation. Thank you for being part of my journey in this world and I wish you all the very best!” - I.P.